About us

The Regina Newcomers Club (RNC) is a non-profit organization to welcome women that have recently moved to the city.  RNC was established in 1964 and has been connecting women ever since.

RNC is a social club designed for women who have lived in Regina for three years or less. We are a diverse group with members of all ages - from mid twenties to enjoying retirement.

The club's mandate is to provide an opportunity for women to meet and engage with  the local community, partake in activities and events, and provide a space to make new friends. Whether it is your first move or one of many, we are here to help make the settling in process a little easier!

The Regina Newcomers Club is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization which is headed by an elected executive.

What We Do?
There are weekly and monthly interest groups and activities. From monthly dinner socials to book club, we find ways to get out of the house and away from work to make new friends and enjoy what Regina has to offer.

Common Questions

How Long Can I Be a Member?
Once you've joined, you can stay in the club for 3 years before you "graduate".

What Happens When I Graduate?
After three years in the Newcomers Club, members can choose to join the "Alumni" group.
In the Alumni, you  continue to enjoy established friendships, you meet new friends, and you continue to enjoy the socializing you did in Newcomers.